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International Day

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International Day 2009


     International Day was Tuesday, April 7, at Chesapeake Elementary School. The day was a huge success! There were about fifteen booths from both our high school students and students from Marshall University. The elementary students went to the booths representing each country, and then they then went into the cafeteria where they ate foods from the countries represented. The booths included information from all over the world including China, Colombia, Mexico, and Chile.

     At our booth, Heather and Caitlyn shared with the children some facts about globalization. We also compared China to the United States. We compared the educational systems, government, and cultures. The children colored a picture of a Chinese dragon and the symbol for dragon in Mandrin Chinese. The elementary students were very attentive, and they asked many questions. Overall, I think that this was a great day for everyone. 



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