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How Does Globalization Affect You

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     Globalization affects you, the students, by forcing you to compete with other students across the world, not just in high school but also in college. College is already a competitive place to be accepted without students wanting to come in from overseas, but because of this, the standard has been raised for all students who are going to attend college. This isn't necessarily a bad thing because when the standard goes up, then the students have to work harder to compete against thousands of people to get into college. But, the affect globalization has isn't over there. After you graduate from college, you are probably going to want to get a job with your new degree. The problem with this is the people who came from overseas and were accepted into college are now looking for a job, just like you. The one thing that the employers see as the big difference between you and them is the paycheck. According to EDN Engineer salaries: a look at global compensation and job satisfaction, an American engineer would make around $93,351 a year, and a person from Japan would average around $69,210.



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