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Globalization Station



      From the time you are a freshman in high school until the time you are a senior in college, you will have to decide what you will do for the rest of your life. You will make good decisions and bad decisions. This time is the most precious of your entire life.  You will decide what field of study to pursue, what job you want, and with what country you are going to compete.

      Based on what you do, you will be competing with people from other cultures, races, and even other countries. Until now, we thought nothing could stand in the way of our dreams.  But those from other countries want to come to the land of opportunity and wealth to embrace our dreams, our wealth. They are hungry for the jobs and lifestyles of Americans. They will work their fingers to the bone to get what they want, and Americans will try, but many will fail because the immigrants will work harder and for less money. Just as long as they are in the land of the free. This is wake-up call to all Americans everywhere, that the competition across the world is now right down the street, and the world is no longer round.  It is a worldwide society in which we live, and we want you to understand what globalization is so you can prepare yourselves to be the best--today, tomorrow, and for a lifetime.





Globalization FAQ and News


What is Globalization


How does Globalization Affect You


When did Globalization Begin


Is Globalization Good or Bad


Global News


Globalization Challenge (Game)


Profiles in History


Controversial Conversations


 Information and Links 


International Day 


About our Wiki




Dedication and Thank You Page 



Globalization Related Videos


Did You Know (Video)


If The World Were a Village of 100 People (Video)




Questions, Comments, or Ideas? Contact Us at globalization-station@peake.k12.oh.us

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