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Controversial Conversations

Page history last edited by Charles Sanders 14 years, 7 months ago

     There has been much controversy over whether globalization is good or bad. Many people believe that globalization will just help wealthy corporations. I don't necessarily believe that. The former Presidential candidate and former governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee has the same idea as I do. He describes it best in his new book Do the Right Thing.


      " The key to globalization is education."


     " When jobs are lost and businesses fail, people sigh and shake their heads and angrily mutter, "Globalization." But the truth is that globalization is just one of the many reasons why individuals lose their jobs, and often the benefits of globalization far outweigh the cost. For most families, globalization is a blessing, not a curse. It is for the few. The answer is not to deny all of us that blessing, but to share it with the few who are adversely affected."


     Many of you after reading the past few sentences muttered, "Republican." So you can agree with me or not.  If you don't, tell me what you think the key to Globalization is, and the big question--Is it good or bad?



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