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About our Wiki

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Who Created It and Why?


     This wiki was created by the Senior history and English Honors classes of 2009 at Chesapeake High School, in Chesapeake, Ohio. Our class decided to learn about globalization because we wanted to know how it would affect our future in college, the work force, and life in general. We had Dr. Scott Howard, Mr. Stephen Sheets, and Mrs. Colleen Sexton as our teaching team who taught us how the process of globalization affects both our economy and educational system.  We watched the movie on globalization, and took a poll about what we knew concerning globalization, (which wasn't much), and learned how businesses such as Toyota use problem- solving strategies and team approaches to ensure their business status in today's changing world. We have also learned about how globalization has developed over time, and how these ideas are demonstrated through world literature. The thought of sharing this information with others became a growing need in our eyes and has now become a reality. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to share this information with you and the rest of the community of Chesapeake, and maybe the world. Please enjoy the site and feel free to leave comments about the information or email us at globalization-station@peake.k12.oh.us

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